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Scheduled on March 10-11, 2021
Last date for free registration is extended upto March 08, 2021
Last date for abstract submission is February 28, 2021
Time Table for ICRA-C 2021
Day 1 ………………..10th March 2021
Duration Time(hrs)
minutes PST*
Opening Remarks About conference introduction
Recitation 5 1030-1035
Principal Address 5 1035-1040 Dr Rashid Farooq
Rector/Pro Rector Adress 15 1040-1055 Dr Nassar Ikram
Chief Guest Address 15 1055-1110 Prof. Dr. Shahid Mahmood
Keynote speaker 1 40 1110-1150 Dr. Nawaz Tahir Synthesis of multifunctional nanoparticles with Enhaced Properties
Invited Speaker 1 30 1150-1220 Dr Shahid Rasool Electrochemical recycling of CO2 to produce high energy density renewable fuels
Oral Presentation 1 20 1220-1240 Dr Naila Zubair
Oral Presentation 2 20 1240-1300 Dr Usman Mixed Miceller Approach for Enhanced Dye Solubalization and Dye Removal from Aqeous System By M ENHANCED ULTRAFILTERATION
Keynote speaker 2 60 1400-1500 Prof. Ayman Nafaday Broadening Electrochemical horizons with based Nanomaterials and Based Innocent anions
Invited Speaker 3 30 1500-1530 Dr.M. Asif Environmental Outlook for Pakistan’
Oral Presentation 3 20 1530-1550 Dr.Guowu zhan Design and synthesis of integrated nanocatalyst to boost CO2 hydrogenation
Oral Presentation 4 20 1550-1610 Dr. Javed Iqbal Designing non fullerence acceptor materials for organic solar cells
Oral Presentation 5 20 1610-1630 Mahyre Phenolic profilling,antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of extracts from aerial parts of wild Thyme
Oral Presentation 6 20 1630-1650 Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Reversible charge and spin dynamics of aliovalent dopants in TI (4) baseds Oxide Nanocrystals
Day 2 ………………..11th March 2021
Keynote Speaker 3 60 1000-1100 Prof. Mathias Beller Heterogeneous Catalysis – The Future of Organic Synthesis
Invited Speaker 4 30 1100-1130 Dr.M. Sharif Development of synthetic methodologies for heterocyclic compounds syntheses and Valorization of Carbon Dioxide
Oral Presentation 7 20 1130-1150 Mr. Arslan Saleem Symmetric Bridged Bis- pyrazolone Acid Dyes: Synthesis and Applications on Leather
Oral Presentation 8 20 1150-1210 Dr. Mohammad Ajmal Synthesis of modifiable p(Methacrylic acid co Acrylonitrile) microgel fabricated with metal nanoparticles for simultaneous catalytic reduction of multiple water pollutants
Oral Presentation 9 20 1210-1230 Mahboobeh Mehmoodie Effect of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Oteogenic diffentiations of human adipose derived stem cells
Oral Presentation 10 20 1230-1250 Dr. Saeed Ahmed Scaled up development of magnetically recycleable Fe3O4/ La (OH)3 composites for river water phosphate removal from bench scale to pilot scale sudy
Keynote Speaker 4 30 1400-1430 Prof. Neerish Revaprasadu Functional materials for energy applications
Invited Speaker 5 30 1430-1500 Dr. Saqib Nasir Development of synthetic methodologies for heterocyclic compounds syntheses and Valorization of Carbon Dioxide
Invited Speaker 6 30 1500-1530 Dr. Khurram Joya Research advancements In Functional Nanomaterials and Catalysis for Energy Coonversion
Oral Pre0sentation 11 20 1530-1550 Ramazan Z. Salikhov Chiral pyrimidine and purine salts of О,О-diterpenyl dithiophosphoric acids
Oral Pre0sentation 12 20 1550-1610 Dr. Syed Ali Raza Naqwi Radiosynthesis and Biodistribution of 99mTechnetium-Metro nida zole as an Escherichia coli Infection Imaging Radiopharmaceutical
Oral Pre0sentation 13 20 1610-1630 Marjan Mirhaj Effects of incorporation of platelet-rich fibrin containing scaffold for Wound Healing Applications
Oral Pre0sentation 15 20 1630-1650 Imen Tlili Structural study and physico-chemical characterization of hybrid compound dedicated for optoelectronic properties
Closing Thanks 10 1650-1700 Dr. Azhar Mehmood

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